• Having been a Surgeon and having performed many Surgeries for more than 20 years. I believe that this Program “Cirugia Sin Fronteras” is a necessity for the community and a basic requirement for the care of people who in their productive years of life, do not posses Medical Insurance and need Medical/Surgical Care. This is part of the working class.

    I have known and treated many patients who because of lack of insurance and to save money decide to travel to other countries (Mexico) for their Medical/Surgical care; once this is done they return to the US without a Medical Chart and without the ability to be readily seen and cared for by their Surgeon if the case would require it.

    I have seen many surgical complications that needed the follow-up by the original Surgeon; however this is not possible because the Doctor/Surgeon lives in another country. It has been impossible in the majority of cases for me to achieve communication with original Surgeon and even less successful to obtain a Medical Chart.

    I strongly believe that CSF will facilitate the entire process of caring for patients who have chosen to travel outside the US for their Medical/Surgical care in order to save money or for any other reason. CSF will give the alternative to pay cash at discounted fee for service, with prices comparable to Surgery done in Mexico. It will save travel expenses and avoid the risks of travel and most importantly will preserve the patient/doctor communication, much needed in the successful surgical outcome. It can also offer orientation to ancillary Medical Services locally.

    It is my purpose and intention to make of "Cirugia sin Fronteras" (Surgery without Borders) a broad and multispecialty program that one day can even offer “Medicina sin Fronteras” (Medicine without Borders) for those patient who require Internal Medicine. In order to achieve this, I need the cooperation and humanitarian spirit of other Medical/Surgical colleagues with the same mission as mine. We will need as well, the disposition of Hospitals and Clinics that need to apply the altruistic principles and commitment to make this mission a reality. I will continue to pursue this endeavor.

    Dr. Jorge A. Enriquez