Surgery without Medical Insurance (CSF) will respond to all of your questions. You can contact us by e mail. Please try to look for your answer in the following section of the most frequently asked questions.

What is a short stay Surgery?

A Short stay surgery is defined as a procedure that after being performed does not require more than 23 hours of patient observation in hospital.

In some cases a 23 hour observation may turn into an admitting case if the patient cannot leave for home, because of pain, bleeding or other causes

What is Ambulatory Surgery?

We define ambulatory surgery as that procedure that most likely will permit patient discharge within a few hours after the surgery. The patient needs to be of course, in stable condition for discharge.


1. All patients who have a pre existent medical condition that is not under control and in which Surgery would put them at risk. For example: uncontrolled Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Disease, Coagulopathy, and Liver Insufficiency among many others.
2. Patient with terminal illness that would prevent the successful outcome of Surgery. Such as: terminal Cardiac disease, end stage pulmonary insufficiency, advanced malnutrition, uncontrolled coagulation disorders, among many others.
3. Patients with pre existent serious medical conditions in which the consulting Surgeon finds this patient to have a very high risk for surgery; this applies even if a medical Doctor differs in this opinion or a different surgeon thinks otherwise even if both are from the same specialty.
4. All patients in whom there is no one, family or friend to support he/she after the Surgery.
5. Patients who cannot resolve and fulfill the total amount of the cost of Surgery. The total price of surgery needs to be paid in full before Surgery.


1. Must be adults. All minors need a signed consent form by parents or responsible legal party.
2. Signature of agreement between CSF and patient before consultation with specialist.
3. Signature of preoperative informed consent once consultation with specialist has been done and all questions answered.
4. Signature of consent fo anesthesia.
5. (OPTIONAL) Signature for transfusion of blood products.
6. Patients need to have an adult companion to supervise their progress when outpatient surgery is to be performed. This requirement is for the first 40 hours after surgery.
7. If patients are from outside Bakersfield, CA and surgery is performed as an outpatient basis, then we recommend staying in the city for the first 24 hours and bettering for the next 40 hours after surgery. An agreement that states the intention to stay in the city of Bakersfield will need to be signed prior to Surgery. Some patients will be observed in hospital for 23 hours after surgery.