The administration has trained personnel responsible for receiving, planning, organizing and referring patients to their specialists.

    CSF consists of capable trained counselors to aid the patient throughout the intervention process within the Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) program.

    The clinical counselor will coordinate the reference with the required specialist, will then be sent to the lab for the adequate pre-op bloodwork.

    Our clinical counselors job is completed once the patient has reached full surgical procedure recovery.

    Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) administration collects the fees to cover for the appointment and/or the surgical procedure the day prior to the procedure taking place.

    Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) administration carries out the payments to all the health service providers referred to by CSF.

    Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) is not legally responsible for any surgical complications and/or medical treatments arising from your condition; the treating provider along with the patient will have to resolve the arising complications in a way that is not connected to Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF). Remember we are a link between the providing physician and the patient. All the providers/surgeons are responsible for the treatments and controlling any possible complications. Therefore, the patient has the right to look, check, investigate and get informed in regards to the treating provider’s references recommended to him by Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF).