• All Patients need to be considered appropriate candidates for Surgery by the Surgeon Specialist after evaluation.
    • Even if the patient has been told that he/she needs surgery by another physician or Surgeon, the consulting Physician may not consider the patient a candidate for surgery and this depends on many factors but even due to discretionary professional opinion of the actual Surgeon.
    • A scheduled surgery can be canceled by the Anesthesiologist if the patient is deemed not apt for anesthesia, even if this happens at the last moment.
    • Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) will be always concerned for the well being and safety of the patient and will always minimize the risks of Surgery.
    • The cost of Surgery given is the Total Price for the procedure that includes: Surgeon’s fee, Anesthesia fee, Operating room fee, pathology fee and 23 hour of observation at the hospital if needed.
    • The Total cost offered does not include: preoperative lab testing, chest X ray, EKG and it does not include additional charges for extended nights of when the patient requires hospitalization after Surgery. All of these charges are additional and need to be covered by the patient.
    • Surgery without Medical Insurance (CSF) does not cover charges incurred by COMPLICATIONS as a result of medical/surgical treatments; nor is legally responsible for such occurrences. The treating Surgeon/Physician with their patient will have to resolve such events and independently from CSF.
    • All Patients need to be followed in the post operative period by their Surgeon; and when they live outside Bakersfield, they will need to return for assessment.