CSF Personnel

Clinical Counseling for Patients

Here you will be able to contact your clinical counselor through email. To ask all and any question you may have.


Clinical Counselor Team:

The clinical counselors are a team of fully trained professionals, who are responsible for providing advice to certain people who have a medical or surgical circumstance that has not been solved due to lack of health insurance and/or good advice.

Our clinical counselors:

• Guide and refer the patient to the specialist they need preventing them from making unnecessary trips and expenses with doctors that won’t be able to help them.
• Help the patient understand their medical problem and give them options on how to solve it.
• Bilingual support for the Spanish speaking patients, communicating with your physician or other health service providers to assure the patient is aware and understands the diagnosis, treatment, procedure if needed and the need for continued care.
• Should the patient require surgery, our clinical counselors will provide the patient with a surgical package that includes all the needed steps for before, during and after the procedure.
• In many cases our clinical counselors will assist the patients with the hospital registration.
• When a patient undergoes a surgical procedure through our program our team of clinical counselors stay in close contact with the patient or a designated relative to maintain an updated patient status to monitor and ensure a successful outcome.
• Our clinical counselors act as a link between the specialist and the patient. In case the patient did not understand the medical instruction for various reasons.

Without a doubt, we want make the patient feel comfortable and at ease, before undergoing any surgical procedure. We will keep them monitored until the patient is released from care by the treating physician.

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